Caddo Lake 2020

A Scouting Trip For a Fall Workshop I recently (June) hooked up to our travel trailer and dragged it to Caddo Lake State Park. It’s … Read more

An Italian Visit: Rome – The Vatican

The world’s greatest museum contains a history and beauty that cannot be conveyed via words. A poet might do it fair justice but could not truly encapsulate all that this tiny country is.

An Italian Visit: Rome – Pantheon

Even as a child I dreamed of seeing this wondrous building. Every aspect of it from the history to the architectural features resonated within me and I’m so glad I was able to capture a few images reflecting its beauty.

An Italian Visit: ROME

To know Rome would take a lifetime. To get a taste, a few days will whet your appetite for a much lengthier date with this beautiful city.

An Italian Visit: Lake Como

Bellagio: a wonderful, peaceful place to photograph. Explore a historic Villa and the charm of a lakeside village in Northern Italy.