The Photography of David Downs

Thank you for taking a moment to peruse the results of my creative efforts. Enjoy your exploration, and please reach out if I can help you in your creative endeavors.

— David Downs


I’ve produced ad copy, magazine covers & content, office artwork, restaurant decor, professional headshots, and digital media for web design. See how I can help you meet your goals…


Nothing is more beautiful than the character of a person. I try always to make that the primary focus…

David Downs portraiture


From concerts to instrument and musician portraits; I believe the photography of music is a marriage of creative passions…


Birds & bees, flora & fauna, sunrises & sunsets with Mother Nature dressed in her finest. Come explore the gorgeous symmetry and random beauty of this planet…


Swirls and patterns. Reflections and distortions. Find images inspired by light and derived through a free flow of creativity, using any tool at my disposal.


Mother Nature and Humankind combine to create places that aren’t simply one or the other. Explore images of big cities like New York, Rome, Chicago, Dallas and tiny towns such as Terlingua or Vernazza.

“By changing the view of myself from a photographer to an artist, I was liberated…”

— David Downs