Caddo Lake 2020

A Scouting Trip For a Fall Workshop I recently (June) hooked up to our travel trailer and dragged it to Caddo Lake State Park. It’s … Read more

An Italian Visit: Rome – The Vatican

The world’s greatest museum contains a history and beauty that cannot be conveyed via words. A poet might do it fair justice but could not truly encapsulate all that this tiny country is.

An Italian Visit: Rome – Pantheon

Even as a child I dreamed of seeing this wondrous building. Every aspect of it from the history to the architectural features resonated within me and I’m so glad I was able to capture a few images reflecting its beauty.

An Italian Visit: ROME

To know Rome would take a lifetime. To get a taste, a few days will whet your appetite for a much lengthier date with this beautiful city.

An Italian Visit: Lake Como

Bellagio: a wonderful, peaceful place to photograph. Explore a historic Villa and the charm of a lakeside village in Northern Italy.

Concert Photographer

Want to experience taking those “front of the stage” photos? This short blog will place you beyond the rail and at the feet of the musician.

Caddo Lake FPO image

Caddo Lake

Come along on an RV excursion to beautiful Caddo Lake and Jefferson, Texas. Take a canoe ride among the great cypress trees and a drive through East Texas.